Eco-Friendly Glue For Wigs

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Eco-Friendly Glue For Wigs

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This specially formulated glue is the perfect gift for wig enthusiasts who value sustainability and quality. Introducing the Eco-Friendly Glue For Wigs, a game-changer in the world of wig application. Made with eco-friendly ingredients and designed for long-lasting hold, this glue offers a secure and natural-looking attachment for wigs.


ECO-FRIENDLY FORMULATION – It is free from harmful chemicals and contains environmentally friendly ingredients. This means you can enjoy a strong and reliable hold for your wig without compromising your health or the environment.

LONG-LASTING HOLD – Whether you’re attending a special event or going about your daily activities, you can trust that your wig will stay put. The adhesive properties of this glue ensure a reliable attachment, allowing you to feel confident and comfortable while wearing your wig.

EASY APPLICATION AND REMOVAL – Applying and removing the Eco-Friendly Glue For Wigs is a breeze. The glue comes in a convenient 38ml bottle, allowing for precise and controlled application. Simply apply a thin layer of the glue to your scalp or the wig cap, and press the wig onto the adhesive.

NATURAL APPEARANCE – This glue dries to a transparent finish, providing a seamless and natural appearance. Once the glue is dry, it becomes virtually invisible, allowing the wig to blend seamlessly with your natural hairline.


Step 1: Cleanup. Clean the skin and the bottom of the net with wine cleaner and keep it dry before use.

Step 2: Apply the glue. Apply a thin layer of glue on the skin or the bottom of the net and let it dry naturally or blow dry to become transparent. (In case of lace net to be applied to the skin)

Step 3: Attachment. Attach the wig to the scalp, adjust the position, and then press firmly and steadily for 10 seconds.


Net Content: 38ml

Shelf Life: 1 year

Appearance: Milky White In Liquid State, Transparent After Drying

Curing Way: Dry naturally or blow dry with hair dryer


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