DoubleLock™ Self-adhesive Hook


DoubleLock™ Self-adhesive Hook

Paste anything on any smooth surface without glues, nails or damages!

DoubleLock™ Self-adhesive Hook adopts traceless adhering mechanism to allow strong holding power without any tacky glues while detaching easily.

The DoubleLock™ design ensures unlimited times of attachment and removal upon your needs, leaving your surfaces intact and 100% damage-free.

Transparent, easy to use and strong holding – these hooks are also waterproof and reusable. Perfect for hanging various items in kitchen, bathroom, cars and even outdoors.


  • NON-SLID: Strong & non-slid holding power up to 15kg. No Drilling, No Screws, No Holes, No Glue.
  • DAMAGE FREE: No residual glue or damage to wall with no drilling or nails.
  • EASY TO USE: Self adhesive and easy to use and reposition without surface damage.
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