Double-Sided Sticker


Double-Sided Sticker

Reliable & super-tight adhesive power tape!

Mounting can be one heck of a job. Drill, hammers, and nails cause too much damage to the walls. That’s why our team created Double-Sided Sticker which can surely make mounting a walk-in a breeze!Double-Sided Sticker offers a stable and reliable adhesive hold that can be applied on almost any surface with ease! It can be reused a number of times! Simply wash it with water and regain back its stickiness and adhesive hold!

 What makes Double Sided Sticker the top choice?

Creates a better hold
Unlike folding conventional tape, Double Sided Sticker’s holding power is far more substantial because it sticks both to the wall and the object being mounted.Improved aesthetics
Double Sided Sticker makes installation seamless. The mounting structure is invisible, so all the attention stays on the mounted piece.Reusable & Waterproof
Regain its holding power by just rinsing it with water, it does not lose its adhesion with moisture.Works on Any Surfaces
Unlike screws that need to be drilled right into the wall (especially if it’s concrete), Double Sided Sticker sticks to just about everything.

Wide Array of applications!

  • Width: 20 mm
  • Length: 50 mm
  • Thickness: 0.08 mm
Package Includes
  • Double Sided Sticker
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