DOBSHOW™ Jaw Alignment Brace


DOBSHOW™ Jaw Alignment Brace

Smile again With Confidence! 98% Customers are Satisfied with DOBSHOW™ Jaw Alignment Brace’s Results

DOBSHOW™ Jaw Alignment Brace is the most comfortable, and effective solution for correcting jaw misalignment and crooked teeth. Made with medical level TPE Plastic & BPA -free, we guarantee you would feel zero discomforts at wear! Simply wear at night, allow brace to apply controlled force gradually to teeth and jaw, and wait for the magic to work!

Millions of users are happy with the result of our brace. Saves you time and money to the dentist. DOBSHOW™ Jaw Alignment Brace helps align your jaw, teeth and correct your breathing habits, supporting you to level up your appearances and regaining a confident smile! We promise 100% effective, safe and comfort to all our users. 

Listen to what Our Customers say about DOBSHOW™ Jaw Alignment Brace!

“DOBSHOW™ Jaw Alignment Brace work wonders on me! I am always worried to smile in front of people because of my unaligned teeth. I think I look bad smiling. Lost my confidence until I met this brace. It has helped alleviate my issue and I cannot say how thankful I am. It’s incredibly comfortable to wear at night, and I’ve noticed a significant improvement in the alignment of my teeth in only in less than 2 months use. I highly recommend DOBSHOW™ Jaw Alignment Brace – it’s truly made a difference for me.” 

– James King, 32, California.

“I struggled with speaking accurately because of the gap between my teeth since primary. I have loose my confidence as I was always being laughed at for unable to speak clearly. Thanks to DOBSHOW™ Jaw Alignment Brace, I can now speak whatever I wanted without worrying! The gap is no longer visible and I can speak clearly again! Aligning time was so much quicker than I expected. I’ve consulted a few dentists and they all told me that it will take half a year to fix the problem but this brace proves them wrong. It just took 4months to do the work and I feel no discomforts at all during the journey! AMAZING.”

– Kathrine Lopez, 25, Virginia.

“DOBSHOW™ Jaw Alignment Brace is a total game-changer. I hate to smile in front of people because I look weird with my wry mouth. Went for some consultations and seems like getting braces is the only solution. However I was low on budget and cannot resist any level of pain. Then a friend recommended me to this brace and I have to say it works like magic. Wore it every night for 3 months and I can already see teeth gradually aligning. Most importantly, I feel super comfortable wearing it and was able to sleep in it. Totally worth a try, if you wanted to fix your teeth on low budget like me!”


  • Teeth Alignment
  • Jawline Definition
  • Breathing Habit Correction
  • Comfortable and Discreet
  • Easy to Clean and Maintain
  • Expert Support

How to Use

  1. PlaceDOBSHOW™ Jaw Alignment Brace into your mouth with the flat side facing your upper teeth and the curved side facing your lower teeth.
  2. Bite down gently on for comfortable fit. Make sure the brace is comfortably snugged.
  3. Wear overnight while you sleep and remove in the morning
  4. Wear it daily for at least 4 months for the best results.


Package Includes

  • 1/ 2/ 3/ 4PCS DOBSHOW™ Jaw Alignment Brace
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