Dobshow ™ GROMAX Eyelash extension serum


Dobshow ™ GROMAX Eyelash extension serum

The eyes are the windows to the soul…so make sure your eyes have beautiful curtains!

“I am happy to report that my eyelashes experienced incredible growth over the course of 2 months, resulting in full and lusciously long lashes. But that’s not all – my eyebrows have also benefited from the remarkable hair growth caused by light brushing with the Dobshow ™ GROMAX eyelash extension serum was achieved. I wholeheartedly recommend this serum to anyone wanting fuller, more defined eyelashes and eyebrows.”
Angela Smith, 28, US
“I used to have barely visible eyelashes that were thin and brittle, making them hard to notice from a distance. But since I started using the Dobshow ™GROMAX eyelash lengthening serum, my eyelashes have undergone a remarkable change. They are now thick and luxuriously long and really enhance my overall appearance. The serum not only fixed the brittleness of my eyelashes, but also gave them the care they needed. I can confidently say that this serum deserves a perfect ten for the incredible results it produced.”
Marry Olsen, 30, Canada

3 important ingredients: ROTKLEE, MUNG BEAN, CANNABIDIOL


Harness the power of Rotklee to strengthen eyelash hairs, nourish follicles while reducing dandruff, inflammation and irritation. Experience softer lashes with more volume and shine thanks to the nourishing properties of this remarkable plant.

Mung Bean

Discover the hair health benefits of mung bean, rich in copper – an essential element for a healthy scalp and strong hair follicles. Strengthen your eyelashes’ ability to resist premature hair loss and promote their overall resilience.

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