Divoom Times Gate Pixel Art Gaming Setup Clock

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Divoom Times Gate Pixel Art Gaming Setup Clock

Times Gate is inspired by the future of technology, Consists of 5 full-color LCD displays. This futuristic lighting Decor add colors to your battle stations and workspace, and it has many excited upgraded features.

Pixel Art Creation

This is a pixel art display that can be customized to whatever pixel art you like on the screen. Many options are offered in our APP: DIY images, animations, scrolling text etc.

Intelligent Life Assistant

The Times Gate Light connects to our app, allowing you to freely create screen patterns and data dials.

Practical dials include a world clock, real-time weather, special holiday calendars, helping you manage time and tasks.

The intelligent data dials present your virtual assets, such as stock exchange rates, social media followers, and individual game data, providing you with comprehensive insights.

Pixel Clock

This Pixel art display consists of 5 full-color LCD displays. The IPS screens can display up to 128*128 pixel art static pictures and gifs.

Gaming Setup Decor

As the decor of your gaming room, it with seamless synchronization to your devices through advanced WiFi connectivity options, presenting clever patterns and personalized dials, infusing your desktop with a distinct artistic flair that reflect your gaming journey and passion. Time Gate also brings you the dual-edge ambient light and customization back light combinations by 12 mesmerizing light effects, infusing your gaming space with a vibrant and colorful atmosphere.

Intimate & Perfect Gift

Whether for your family, friends, or colleagues, Times Gate is undoubtedly a unique and unforgettable gift choice. Its exquisite design and versatility will undoubtedly transform the recipient’s office or room into a distinctive adornment, providing them with endless artistic enjoyment and practical value. Let this gift serve as a testament to your appreciation for their creativity and aesthetic pursuits, as together you create a brighter future!

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