Digital Electronic Coded Lock


Digital Electronic Coded Lock

Sleek and Modern Design
With a sleek and modern design, this lock has a compact and exquisite workmanship. This lock is suitable for a variety of settings, including schools, spas, swimming pools, gyms, golf courses, supermarkets, hotels, factories, households, and businesses.
Easy to Use Touch Keypad
The digital touchscreen numeric keypad allows for faster password entry than traditional keys. Touch keypad lock use the digital touchscreen numeric keypad to enter a password faster than you can turn a key.
Durable and Safe Material
Made of strong and precision ABS material, this electric coded lock is safe and durable. You can try this electric coded lock, will bring great convenience to your life.
Factory State Management
The default home mode and management password of 1234 make it easy to use right out of the box. The green indicator light will turn on when unlocked, and it will sound if the password is incorrect.

(1)Material: Plastic
(2)Size: 9.25 x 3.72 x 1.45 cm
(3)Weight: 200g

📦Package Include:
Digital Electronic Coded Lock * 1 PCS

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