Detox Foot Patches for Instant Body Pain Relief


Detox Foot Patches for Instant Body Pain Relief

Do you feel Tired and Stressed? 😓✨

Do you feel constantly running down? 🏃‍♂️😓

Introducing Detox Foot Patches Used By Japanese People For Their Long Life Health Benefits.

Detox Foot Patches are foot patches specially designed to absorb toxins from your body. This has been produced under GMP regulations. Developed from years of medical research, this natural home detox is effective in cleansing and detoxifying from the inside out.

Produced With All Natural, Organic Ingredients

we ensure that each foot patches is curated with all natural and organic ingredients. Why? Because we stand behind our product, and want our valued customers to get the best products and results!

Say Goodbye to Stress and Body Pain

The ginger foot pads is suitable the sub-health populationcold feet, the foot swelling and pain, body secretion system disorder, foot odor, bad breath, constipation, great for the people who is under great stress, helping relieve pain and relax.

Easy To Use & Apply

Just 3 Steps 
1. Clean the soles of your feet or skin surface.
2. Open the sealed foot pads bag and stick the Pads on the tape.
3. Stick on the soles of feet or other body parts.
Experimental studies have shown that Ginger Pads work for 6-8 hours to get the best results.

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