DeepCleans™ Bed Cleaner

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DeepCleans™ Bed Cleaner

Enjoy a great cleaning experience!

With an improved HEPA filtration system, this DeepCleans™ Bed Cleaner provides a deep clean by capturing particles as small as 0.3 microns, effectively trapping dust and debris while providing fresh and polluting™ air. With powerful suction power and a 300-watt motor, this mattress cleaner selectively removes dust and dirt from your bed, pillows, and carpets.

Why is this DeepCleans™ Bed Cleaner perfect for you?

✔️ Enhanced Deep Cleaning – The improved HEPA filtration system provides a thorough clean by trapping even the smallest particles, giving you a cleaner and healthier sleeping environment.

✔️ Efficient Dirt Removal – The U-shaped violet light, with its wider coverage and high intensity, removes 99.7% of dirt, refreshing and disinfecting your mattress and fabric surfaces.

✔️ Strong suction – With a suction power of 12 kPa and a 300 W motor, this mattress cleaner offers a powerful and targeted suction to remove dust and dirt from your bed, pillows, and carpets.

✔️Easy maintenance – The bed cleaner’s stainless steel dust container is easy to wash out with water, allowing regular cleaning without worrying about loss of suction or dust clogging.

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