Dafeila™ AcuPeace Tinnitus Relief Device


Dafeila™ AcuPeace Tinnitus Relief Device

Experience the Latest 24/7 Magnetic Clip Innovation Worldwide!

Dafeila AcuPeace: Your Solution to Stop Ringing in the Ears. Specifically designed to provide relief from persistent ear ringing.

✔ Ringing Relief Guaranteed
 Easy, Comfortable Wear
 No Need for Special Fittings
 Hypo-Allergenic Solution

Over 80,000 People Are Sleeping Soundly Every Night Thanks To Tinnitus Device Magnetic Clip

Regardless of how tinnitus is heard or experienced, numerous individuals have found that a great hearing experience can significantly improve their mood and overall health.

Finding comfort from tinnitus may help in concentrating on the things that matter.

Inflammation in the sinuses can cause headaches and earaches. When the nasal passages do not allow free air movement, one may experience ear fullness and headaches. To alleviate discomfort and pressure in the head and ears, people have used acupressure and massage techniques for centuries.

The Dafeila™ AcuPeace Tinnitus Relief Device Magnetic Clip provides a convenient and effective solution to lessen tinnitus symptoms and improve hearing clarity. This device can be worn continuously for months without any hassle, 24 hours a day. Furthermore, it does not require any maintenance or battery replacements, making it a convenient and cost-effective option for tinnitus relief.

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How does the Tinnitus Relief Device work?

The Tinnitus Relief Device is specifically designed to fit the Auditory Palace (SI19) and gently hold the tragus while sleeping. It features fully adjustable clips for a customized fit. This device utilizes magnetic therapy and gentle pressure to alleviate conditions such as ear pain, ringing in the ears, infected ears, tension headaches, and migraines by reducing pressure in the jaw and ears.

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