Comfortable Heels Cushioning Pads


Comfortable Heels Cushioning Pads

Can’t stand foot pain after a night of high heels? 

Say goodbye to foot pain with this pad instantly!

Comfortable and breathy to wear, try yours to get through the long day comfortably!

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3D Heel Cushion

Designed for rapid pain relief, this 3D heel cushioning pad reduce shock while walking or standing. The soft, bouncy heel liner prevents shoes rubbing your feet, keeping you feel supported after a night of high heels


Rapid Foot Pain Relief
Stick these invisible pads on your shoes to improve the distribution of pressure and relieve tension caused by Mortons Neuroma, callus, Metatarsal foot pain, or bunions.

✅Reduce Shock Invisibly

✅Traceless, Strong Adhesion

✅Fits Most Kinds of Shoes



Colors: Beige,Black,Pink

Dimension: 5.51 x 3.35 x 1.97 inches


1/4/7 pair x Comfortable Heels Cushioning Pads

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