Cithway Double-Ended Concealer Pen

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Cithway Double-Ended Concealer Pen

Create the most natural shadows and accentuate your face more in just a swipe with this dual-ended highlighting-contouring stick!

A makeup artist grade double-ended beauty stick that delivers a remarkable highlighting and contouring effect in a quick swipe. Allowing you to effortlessly create that illusion of perfectly sculpted facial features and naturally distinct face shape with just 1 product. Furthermore, this wonder duo cosmetic even helps in erasing dark circles, age spots, blemishes, breakouts, and other imperfections. Providing you a pro-like, level up makeup with a seamlessly-looking, brighten skin finish that would make everyone envy. Available in 3 different 2-in-1 flattering shade selections, including fair skin tones, natural skin tones, and dark skin tones.

This 2-in-1 makeup stick has a creamy, blendable formula that glides smoothly and applies like a dream in any skin type. Additionally, it adopts an excellent long-wearing performance that can stay unbudging all day long with not a single smudging, fading or blotching. It lets you rock that  makeup-perfected look even on rainy or the sweatiest of days with little to no retouch needed anymore. Formulated with the best ingredients that stays gentle on the skin and can be used safely everyday without irritation and discomfort.

Make your favorite features more distinct and go for a glammed-up, fresh-faced makeup look using this 2-in-1 beauty stick!


  • 2-in-1 Makeup Stick
    A wonder beauty duo stick featuring a dual-ended design with darker and lighter nicely pigmented shade that delivers a makeup-perfected look. It lets you effortlessly swipe exactly where you need to highlight and contour without needing skills or multiple different cosmetics anymore. Allowing you to define and enhance more the natural structure of your face to create that photo-ready seamless sculpted makeup finish. Moreover, this 2-in-1 stick can also flawlessly correct skin tone and instantly conceals dark circles, age spots, blemishes, breakouts, and other imperfections. Providing you a naturally youthful and clear-looking, brighten skin that everyone would envy.

  • Perfect for All Skin
    This magic makeup stick provides a creamy, easily blendable formula that helps you sculpt, highlight or conceal in seconds. It glides smoothly and applies like a dream totally mess-free on any skin types, including on oily skin, dry skin, combination, natural, and sensitive skin. The double-ended highlighting-contouring stick comes in 3 color combination selections that can flatter and blend for all skin complexions. Available for fair skin tones, natural skin tones, and those with darker skin tone young girls and ladies. Simply apply both shades accordingly on your features that need to conceal, contour, and accentuate, blend it with a blush, and you’re all good.

  • Long-Lasting Performance
    The 2-in-1 cosmetic stick adopts a superior long-wearing staying power that can last all day long without budging. It also has an excellent smudge-proof quality which enables it to withstand sweat, tears, sebum, and water with no streaking, creasing, blotching, fading, and such. You can now confidently rock that more defined facial features and spotless, glowy looking skin with little to no retouch needed even on rainy or the hottest of days. No worries as this highlighting-contouring stick can stay throughout the day and night without drying out the skin. It even has a fine, lightweight formulation that enables the skin to ‘breathe’ better and feel comfortable.




  • 1 x Cithway Double-Ended Concealer Pen
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