ChromaTint™ Permanent Silver Hair Dye


ChromaTint™ Permanent Silver Hair Dye

Unlock Your True Hue!! Achieve the perfect frosty hair goal with ChromaTint™ Permanent Silver Hair Dye.

It’s chic, edgy, sophisticated, and in style! Your hair will have a shiny and silky soft texture after using our color cream, and a protective layer will be left over to ensure that the fiery color lasts long!
Pull off any tone, whether it’s warm grey, dusty silver, or icy chrome! When you want to DIY at home, it’s simple and practical to utilize.



✔ Lustrous Silver: Achieve that silver hair color you want that pops off whenever you go!
✔ Protective Coat:
 Because of its unique formulation, the color is sealed in and the strength of your hair is maintained.

✔ Hair-nourishing: Blended with nutritious nutrients to prevent drying and harming your hair. Enjoy smooth, and bouncy hair after coloring!

✔ Long Lasting: This hair dye is permanent and has minimal fading when washed.

✔ Different Shades: Our hair color produces a variety of silvery shades to achieve the precise style you desire, from eye-catching glittering silver to warm or subtle grey.



1 pc x ChromaTint Permanent Silver Hair Dye (100g)

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