Caviar Essence Anti-wrinkle Eye Cream


Caviar Essence Anti-wrinkle Eye Cream


The Caviar Essence Eye Cream’s all-in-one formula features a smooth, easy-to-absorb texture that penetrates deeply to plump and hydrate the eye-area skin, targeting signs of aging.Get this EVERYDAY LUXURY under-eye treatment for tired under-eye skin, dark circles, eye bags and fine lines!


There’s a reason why the eye area matures faster than the rest of the face. The skin around the eyes is super delicate and thin and has less oil glands, making it more prone to early signs of aging such as fine lines, dryness, puffiness, and dark circles. Repetitive facial expressions like squinting, smiling, and frowning are also contributing factors. That is why it’s best to use a product that specifically targets those skin concerns without causing irritation.


This eye cream can effectively restore the plump and healthy elasticity of the pouch and wrinkles, repair day&night, revitalize bright eyes. No fear of blue light radiation, staying up late, photoaging and other damage, All-round anti-aging for your eye skin, suitable for long time use. We recommend trying more than two courses of treatment, the effect will be more obvious.

Sturgeon Caviar Extract

The lightweight, easy-to-absorb formula of this eye cream contains a high concentration of this anti-aging powerhouse. The hydrating sturgeon caviar extract has active firming and lifting components that help increase eye-area skin elasticity, diminishing fine lines and wrinkles. This ingredient also targets and removes the milia (fat granules) around the eyes.


Glycerin and Hyaluronic Acid

This super moisturizing duo works synergistically to target puffiness, dryness, and saggy under-eye skin by boosting the collagen production. These work by keeping together the strands of collagen, improving the texture, tone, and firmness of the skin around the eye.


  1. Open the eye cream to seal the inner lid.
  2. Squeeze an appropriate amount of eye cream.
  3. Apply the eye cream from the inner corner of the eye to corner of the eye evenly without the need to massage the eye skin.

TIPS: Before use, keep the skin around the eyes dry.



  • Shelf life: 3 Years
  • Storage: keep in a cool and dry place away from light
  • Product Weight: 3g

Package Include:

  • Caviar Essence Anti-wrinkle Eye Cream(20g)
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