Car Heat Insulation Sunshade

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Car Heat Insulation Sunshade


Car heat insulation sunshade is a perfect car company, it can effectively block sunlight and keep your car cool in the hot summer. It can also block ultraviolet rays, protect your car from the rays, making your car last longer!  With thermal resistance, it can effectively absorb the heat, and keep the temperature in the car at a comfortable level. It uses high-quality fabrics, which has good breathability, wear resistance and water resistance.

Key Features

Effective sun shading: The product takes multi-layer protection (one silver-reflective layer and three light-absorption layers). The shading effect is more significant. It is dense and opaque with UPF50+, which can effectively protect the car against ultraviolet rays.

Simple Installation: The product can be installed effortlessly by only one person. It has a strong spring iron ring on the edge, which can automatically resist the car window.

Convenient storage: it adopts a hot-pressed memory frame, which can be folded and stored to save space in the car. The rebound speed is fast, and the operation process is simple and fast.

Durable: This sunshade is made from a heavy-duty reflective material that is designed to last for years. It is also waterproof, so it can withstand weather elements like rain and snow.


Material: Heavy-duty reflective material

Size: Adjustable to fit any size of car window

Color: Black inside and silver outside/Black inside and outside

Weight: 0.25 kg

Cleaning: wipe with a damp cloth

Installation location: front windshield

Connection method: Velcro paste

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