Car Glass Oil Film Stain Removal Cleaner


Car Glass Oil Film Stain Removal Cleaner


  • 🚗Enhanced Driving Safety: Our product removes the glass oil film, making the glass clearer and more transparent without a drop of water, ensuring safer driving conditions.
  • 🌟Powerful Cleaning Action: Capable of removing water stains and oil films on the glass quickly to achieve perfect transparency without the need for polishing.

  • ✨Protective & Waterproof Layer: More than just a glass cleaner, it’s also a protector! After cleaning, it gives your glass a fresh look and forms a protective layer to repel water droplets, rain, and water.


  • 🔥Gentle on Glass: The formula of our automobile glass oil film remover is mild, causing no damage to the glass. It’s easy to wipe off, resolving abnormal wiper noises without damaging the glass, making your journey more comfortable, clear, and safe.

  • 💥Multipurpose Cleaner: Suitable for cleaning stubborn oil film, wiper marks, asphalt, bird droppings, stickers, rain marks, air conditioning water marks, paint, airborne paint, leaf juice, glass coating, and more.

  • 🚗Easy to Apply: Simply wash the dust and sand off the glass surface with water, apply the oil film cleaner on a wet sponge, wipe evenly back and forth, and then rinse with water. This easy process quickly cleans the glass surface, rain stains, rain marks, various glass coating residues, and more.


  •  2/4*Car Glass Oil Film Stain Removal Cleaner


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