Car Duster with Extendable Telescoping Handle


Car Duster with Extendable Telescoping Handle

Looking for a practical and thoughtful gift for the car enthusiast in your life?

Our Car Duster with Extendable Telescoping Handle is the perfect choice.

With our Car Duster, you’ll have the perfect tool to maintain your car’s appearance effortlessly. Whether it’s removing dust and snow, or giving your car a polished finish, this duster does it all!


Soaked Wax Oil Cotton Thread Duster: Comes with wax oil, the more times it is used, the smoother it is. The wax duster adopts high-pressure soaking. The more times the wax oil cotton thread duster is used, the smoother the car body, the brighter the car body will be. In addition, the cotton thread is extended, covering a substantial area, approximately 10 centimeters in width. This means you can clean a surface area that’s 10 times larger than a regular duster, saving you time and effort during your car cleaning routines.

Multi-Purpose Use: Our Car Duster is a versatile cleaning tool that can handle various tasks. Easy to remove dust and snow, polish, and maintain car paint, make the car bright and bright, and drive a new car every day.

Gentle on Paint: Made from soft and skin-friendly cotton thread, removes dust and cares like treating your skin, prevents scratching of your car paint, so you can use it with confidence. We’ve equipped this duster with a silicone edging that is soft and gentle on your car’s paint. You can clean your vehicle with confidence, knowing that it won’t scratch or damage the finish.

Retractable Telescoping Handle: This duster features a retractable handle that makes it easy to reach every corner of your car, including the car roof. No more straining or stretching to clean those hard-to-reach areas.


Color: Beige, Coffee

Material: Cotton thread

Size: 55 * 12cm /70 * 12cm

Cotton thread length: 10cm

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