Breathe right portable nebulizer


Breathe right portable nebulizer

Breathe right portable nebulizer is a revolutionary device that utilizes cutting-edge ultrasonic technology to quietly and efficiently atomize liquid so that it can be inhaled.

It uses chips to break the liquid molecules into particles that give better absorption. Giving you quicker results and relief. The particles are less than 5 μm in size.

There are 3 modes for options, small, medium, and large mode can be adjusted the output what you prefer. The artisan steam inhaler is equipped with a rechargeable battery.

Simple one-button operation, Replaceable cup, and detachable head are easy for cleaning and maintenance. Comes with two masks (one for adults, one for kids ) and one mouthpiece, suitable for all ages, kids and adults, men and women.

Patients who suffer from asthma, common cold, or other respiratory diseases can use this inhaler as adjutant therapy. The housewife also can use it as a humidifier to face. It’s really a household necessity.

Pocket size portable vaporizerVery convenient to carry and use at home, office, travel, etc. Silent atomization of this cool mist inhaler, virtually noiseless operation, running noise level less than 25dB, ideal home inhalation product.

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