Bluesky™Natural Sea Lung Drops


Bluesky™Natural Sea Lung Drops

The BlueSky Medical Devices Group California Research Center conducted a three-month product test on 9,861 American smokers with a smoking history of over ten years. Preliminary tracking data feedback revealed that 95.77% of patients showed a healthy condition in their lungs, eliminating respiratory difficulties and bronchial issues. Within three months, 58.59% of patients successfully overcame the challenges of nicotine dependence. Pulmonary fibrosis was alleviated in 13.58% of patients. Asthmatic issues were resolved in 98.19% of patients.



Let’s see what customers who have used it have to say!

Hello everyone, I’m John Srotuty from Florida. I used to smoke for over 40 years, and due to chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), my breathing became increasingly difficult, coupled with persistent snoring. These issues troubled me until a friend introduced me to this product. I was fortunate to be part of the market test and, after three months of use, successfully overcame the initial challenging period. I quit smoking, and my breathing has become smoother, even my sense of smell is gradually returning. I am still continuing to use it, confident that my lung health will improve in the near future

Hello everyone, I’m Sandeep Kumar from California. With 52 years of smoking experience, I’ve been dealing with chronic bronchitis and breathing difficulties. After participating in this trial, just three months allowed me to successfully quit smoking, and my breathing has become much smoother. The biggest challenge was the first 5 days of using this drops, as it felt like it forcefully eliminated nicotine, leading to unprecedented withdrawal reactions. However, after getting through the initial 5 days, I just felt a bit empty, like something was missing, but there was no desire to smoke. It’s truly miraculous

It’s time to take your lung health seriously

The lungs play a crucial role in the respiratory process, including functions such as gas exchange, airway clearance, immune support, acid-base balance, sound production, and assisting in blood circulation.

Lung diseases are wreaking havoc on your body.

Unhealthy lifestyle choices such as smoking, air pollution, respiratory infections, environmental factors, age, and lifestyle are placing a heavy burden on the lungs. More and more people are starting to pay attention to lung health. Common lung diseases include COPD, asthma, lung infections, fibrosis, pulmonary edema, sleep apnea, and more. Without measures to detoxify and heal the lungs, the risk of lung cancer might eventually emerge.

So, how does our product work?



By inhibiting nicotine’s impact on neurotransmitter release, it achieves the elimination of addiction. Additionally, it revitalizes lung cells, forming a protective layer for the lungs, eliminating respiratory residues, and achieving a thorough cleansing of the lungs.

What substance can suppress the generation of nicotine addiction?

Vareclicy is a partial agonist of nicotine receptors. It reduces withdrawal symptoms by mimicking the effects of nicotine and prevents nicotine from binding to receptors in the brain, thereby eliminating the craving for smoking.These elements are extracted from Horehound, which is safe, reliable, and harmless to the body.

How long does it take to completely eliminate nicotine from the body?

The duration varies for each individual based on their smoking history, but generally, it takes 15-30 days for nicotine to completely disappear from your body. The first three days are crucial as the drops begin to isolate nicotine from the body, leading to intense cravings. It’s essential to stay calm and optimistic during this period to overcome the cravings. Afterward, you should no longer experience a desire for nicotine.

I will live through withdrawal symptoms for how long?

The drops contain Lobelia, Valerian, St. John’s Wort, and green tea extract, which help alleviate the tension, coughing, and emotional fluctuations during the smoking cessation process. So, no need to worry; these symptoms will only linger mildly in your body for 10 to 14 days


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