ATTDX TeethWhitening Cleaning Essence Pen


ATTDX TeethWhitening Cleaning Essence Pen

Check out what our customers say about ATTDX TeethWhitening Cleaning Essence Pen before introducing this amazing product! 

“I have tried other at-home teeth whitening products and I must say that ATTDX TeethWhitening Cleaning Essence Pen is my personal favorite. Not only is the product itself of high quality, but the kit design is also very simple and easy to use. The essence pen features a small brush at the tip, which makes it super convenient and easy to “paint” the whitening essence formula directly onto the teeth in an even coat without being messy. Plus, it works! It gets rid of the yellowish stains.”—Chescka Stewart—Lexington, Kentucky
“The ATTDX TeethWhitening Cleaning Essence Pen is great! I’ve been using it for a month, and my teeth are pretty much white! The best part is, it doesn’t cause you any sensitivity. You just apply the solution on your dry teeth, leave it undisturbed for a certain period then rinse your mouth. I use this product every other day and I can see how gleaming my teeth become with just 2 uses.”—Conrad Williams—Milford, Delaware
“I ordered the ATTDX TeethWhitening Cleaning Essence Pen last week and I am very impressed by its quality! It does not feel harsh on my teeth like most whitening products do. Instead, it feels like a cool stream of water gently running down my teeth. It is definitely a must-have for people with sensitive gums and teeth.”—Vanessa Clint—Apalachicola, Florida


With the ATTDX TeethWhitening Cleaning Essence Pen, you can achieve whiter teeth and healthier gums in just minutes

A breakthrough product that tackles the most stubborn stains on your teeth. The ATTDX TeethWhitening Cleaning Essence Pen is formulated with active ingredients that target the enamel. Tested and proven to effectively remove all kinds of stains and discoloration, this product will give you a bright, white smile without harmful bleaching agents or treatments.

Boost your oral health and beauty by using ATTDX TeethWhitening Cleaning Essence Pen. This product is specially formulated to provide an effective whitening solution. Its active ingredients work to penetrate the tooth surface and lift off any unwanted discoloration. Additionally, this product can neutralize the acidity in the mouth, which can help prevent the growth of bacteria that cause bad breath.

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