ATTDX AntiHangnail Nutrition RepairOil RollerPen


ATTDX AntiHangnail Nutrition RepairOil RollerPen

Say goodbye to pesky hangnails and weak, brittle nails! 

Let’s look at our happy customers.

—Elizabeth Thompson—27, Brunswick, Georgia

“I have been using this ATTDX AntiHangnail Nutrition RepairOil RollerPen for about 3 weeks now and it is working great. I had a hang nail that my husband accidentally pulled off, and I rubbed this into the area and after about 3 days it was healed. I also use this product for my cuticles. This is the best product I have found to use when I do my nails.”

 —Chelsea Roberts—33, Monroe, Louisiana

“This is the only ATTDX AntiHangnail Nutrition RepairOil RollerPen I have ever used that actually works. I have had hangnails for years and it seems like no matter what I do and how often I file them down, they always come back. This is the only thing that has worked in the last ten years to keep them off my fingers. Thank you!”

What causes hangnails?

Hangnails are a sign that the skin around your fingernails is lacking oil. Anything that causes dry skin, like frequent handwashing (which we should always do!), dry, winter weather, and harsh chemicals, like hand sanitizer or cleaning products, can deplete oil in your skin and contribute to hangnail growth.

Nail Matrix: Anatomy, Function, Injuries, and Disorders

How does ATTDX AntiHangnail Nutrition RepairOil RollerPen work?

ATTDX AntiHangnail Nutrition RepairOil RollerPen is made from plants, moisturizes cuticles while promoting healthy nail growth, harmless to your nails. Our innovation works on the outside of your body to bring you fast results without any side effects and has no chemicals that can hurt or damage your nails or skin. It’s a real recovery from dryness, softening the skin around your nail area, nourishing and penetrating deep into the cuticle for a better look.

Roller balls design

ATTDX AntiHangnail Nutrition RepairOil RollerPen is designed with roller balls, just apply it to the nails and surrounding skin, gently massage for full absorption, it is very convenient to use. Penetrates deeply to strengthen the nail plate for long-lasting protection against peeling, cracking or splitting. Absorbs quickly into skin without feeling greasy or heavy.

Product Description:

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