Antibacterial Cleaning Soap for Underwear


Antibacterial Cleaning Soap for Underwear


CLEANSE & CARE 2-IN-1: This specialized soap not only cleanses your underwear thoroughly but also provides care and protection with its antibacterial properties, providing you with confidence in the hygiene and protection of your undergarments.

DEEP CLEANSING: Formulated with powerful cleansing agents, this soap effectively removes tough stains, odors, and bacteria, leaving your underwear fresh and hygienic.

GENTLE FORMULA: Despite its deep cleansing action, the soap contains a gentle formula enriched with natural botanical extracts, ensuring a mild and non-irritating experience.

FRESH & ODORLESS: This soap leaves your underwear with a clean, fresh scent, eliminating any unpleasant odors and keeping you feeling confident throughout the day.


CONVENIENT WEIGHTAvailable in 110g & 170g weights, this antibacterial soap is suitable for both personal and home use, ensuring a reliable and long-lasting supply.


Color: Light Yellow

Net: 110g, 170g

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