Antibacterial Bathroom Cleaner Limescale Remover


Antibacterial Bathroom Cleaner Limescale Remover

Tired of fighting tough bathroom stains and limescale buildup?

We’ve got the solution you’ve been looking for! 

Join countless happy customers who have transformed their bathrooms with our Antibacterial Bathroom Cleaner Limescale Remover!

This powerful formula is specially crafted to obliterate grime, limescale, and bacteria, leaving your bathroom surfaces sparkling and hygienic. Say goodbye to stubborn stains and hello to a fresh, sanitized sanctuary.


BACTERIA-BUSTING FORMULA  Our cleaner is designed to eliminate 99.9% of bacteria, ensuring a germ-free environment.

LIMESCALE ERADICATOR  Stubborn limescale? Not anymore. Our cleaner effortlessly dissolves tough limescale deposits, restoring surfaces to their original shine.

STAIN FIGHTER – Tackle even the most persistent stains with ease. From soap scum to watermarks, our cleaner leaves no trace behind.

LONG-LASTING FRESHNESS – Enjoy a long-lasting, pleasant fragrance that keeps your bathroom smelling clean and inviting.

SAFE AND EFFECTIVE – Formulated with your safety in mind, our cleaner is gentle on surfaces while being tough on grime.


Size: 475ml

Suitable For: Tiles, Sinks, Showers, Bathtubs, and All Bathroom Surfaces

Fragrance: Fresh Lemon

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