Angle Grinding Sand Belt Machine


Angle Grinding Sand Belt Machine



  • EASY REPLACEMENT: These belt sander attachments can help you replace the angle grinder with a belt sander in one minute. This sturdy steel belt sander attachment is the perfect accessory for any belt grinder

  • APPLICABLE MODEL: This belt sander adapter is suitable for model 100 and 125 angle grinder to modified to sand belt machine. With low noise impact and high stability, it’s perfect for sanding knife gaps and holes

  • HIGH STABILITY: These belt grinder parts also feature small impact, low noise and high stability. Suitable for accurate DIY work. Easily modify your existing sand belt machine with this adapter and enjoy the increased efficiency and precision

  • EASY INSTALLATION: These sand belt grinder attachments can be easily installed with the wrench in the package. This belt sander attachment is a great addition to your workshop and will help you achieve that perfect finish every time

  • SIMPLE TO OPERATE: You can install the belt sander attachment on the table and these accessories provide you with a good polishing table, it’s designed to make your sanding experience seamless and efficient


  • Material: Steel; alumina
  • Weight: Sand Belt Machine: 368g/1PC; Sand Belt (520 * 20 flat joint 40#:60g/10PCS;520 * 20 flat joint 80#:60g/10PCS;520 * 20 flat joint 120#:60g/10PCS;520 * 20 flat joint 180#:60g/10PCS)
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