Air-Tight Unbreakable Kitchen Storage Jar


Air-Tight Unbreakable Kitchen Storage Jar


WOW!! Glass Look high-quality material with 100% unbreakable, Air-Tight, BPA-free plastic containers.

Don’t worry about less storage! This works as a Great Space Saver In your kitchen and easily fits into your fridge or cupboard.

Look at this photo? it looks very strong Right!!

Also, it’s coming with an AIR-TIGHT lid which ensures the flavor remains intact. Airtight containers for the fridge must be in every kitchen.


  • The thick PET material can be put in the refrigerated layer of the refrigerator, coffee beans, grains, etc. can be placed, and small snacks can also be stored, which is convenient for life.
  • With the groove design of the lid, the lid can be stacked, which is convenient for stacking and storage, saving your kitchen space. Tips: The humanized design of the box cover can be adapted to seal boxes of different specifications.
  • Visual design, find objects at a glance, transparent box body, you can always know the situation of food stored inside, and it will be easier to take and use.
  • Easy to clean: large-capacity bottle body, easy to take food, enlarged opening, large-capacity bottle body, it is more convenient to pour and take, and it is easy to clean.
  • Various types to meet your needs.
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