A-Shape Woodworking Fixing Clamp


A-Shape Woodworking Fixing Clamp

The A-Shape Woodworking Fixing Clamp is a high-quality tool made of durable ABS plastic. It offers single-handed operation, strong clamping force, a flexible spring, lightweight design, and is suitable for various applications. A great gift for DIYers.

A-Shape Woodworking Fixing Clamp


SUPERIOR QUALITY – Made of high-strength ABS plastic, the clamp is strong, hard, and resistant to oxidation.

SINGLE-HANDED OPERATION – Lightweight and convenient, allowing easy one-handed operation. Provides strong clamping force for fastening small workpieces.

STRONG FLEXIBLE SPRING – Equipped with a 65 manganese spring that maintains its shape even after repeated use. Offers powerful clamping force for securing boards during screwing or gluing.

LIGHTWEIGHT TOOL – Weighing approximately 45-148g, it is easy to handle and use in daily tasks.

WIDE APPLICATIONS – Suitable for use in ships, machine tools, molds, fishing gear, woodworking, repairs, and more.

GREAT GIFTS FOR DIYERS – Features a rubber-coated handle for ergonomic and comfortable grip. The movable clamp block protects the clamped object’s surface from scratches.

A-Shape Woodworking Fixing Clamp


Color: Red

Material: ABS


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