3PCS Women’s Widened Leak-proof Panties with Front Pocket

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3PCS Women’s Widened Leak-proof Panties with Front Pocket


2024 latest design, quickly absorbs and locks Liquids and keeps your underwear dry, No odor all day long!

Say goodbye to various worries and discomfort of periods and experience comfort and free movement with our widened leak-proof panties.

Incontinence Issues?

Heavy Period Flow?

Leaks & Stains?

Designed for everyday wear, these panties provide comfort, security, and versatility. Features a discreet pocket at the front for carrying small items such as sanitary pads and warm paste.


Our panties come with three layers of leak-proof protection material:

Close to skin: Comfortable Fabric Layer

We make our panties of cotton to give you ultimate comfort, dry, with Maximum Coverage.

Middle: Hygroscopic and Leakproof Layer

2024 latest development of leak-proof materials, Quick absorbs 30-50 mL of liquid and locks them in, which is equivalent to 2-3 standard tampons or pads. And keep your panties dry all day!

Outermost Layer: Breathable Antibacterial Layer

Panties from odor-suppressing textiles that keep all your smells from spreading. 24-hour strong antibacterial, close protection, away from itching.


PREVENT LEAKAGE: Whether you’re managing incontinence or a mild bladder leak (LBL), these panties lock in fluids without penetrating or staining the outside clothing.

COMBAT SMELLS: Feel Fresh and odor-free throughout your period.

GREAT BACKUP: Perfect partner to your menstrual cup, and tampon pads.

ENVIRONMENTALLY FRIENDLY: Mindfully help to save the planet and save yourself money.

STAY SAFE: Not sure when your period will start? Be 100% dry and ready anytime.

LIVE AN ACTIVE LIFESTYLE: Stay dry, confident, and stress-free during sports and workouts.

Depending on your flow, Our Leakproof panties can replace pads, tampons, liners, & cups, or be worn with tampons and cups for extra protection.


Material: 95.3% Cotton + 4.7% Spandex

Crotch Material: 100% Cotton

Softness: Soft

Elasticity: High-elastic

Thickness: Moderate

Breathability: Breathable

Color: Pink, Green, Brown, Purple, Black

Size: M, L, XL


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