Wood pulp cotton dishcloth


Wood pulp cotton dishcloth

Wood pulp cotton dishcloth



High-quality materials:
Made of a blend of natural wood pulp fibers and high-quality cotton fibers, it is soft and does not damage the surface of the tableware.

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Excellent water absorption:
The special fiber structure endows the dish cloth with excellent water absorption performance, absorbing water stains and dirt with ease.


After special treatment, it is wear-resistant, and it is not easy to deform or fall off the line after long-term use.



For household cleaning use only, avoid other uses.
If any discomfort such as skin allergy occurs, stop using it immediately.

User evaluation:

“This dishcloth is so absorbent it makes doing the dishes so much easier!”
“I love how durable it is and it hasn’t warped or faded over time.”
“The antibacterial treatment makes me feel more at ease when using it, and the hygiene at home is guaranteed.”

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