Wall Mounted Bathroom Storage Shelves


Wall Mounted Bathroom Storage Shelves

Maximize your bathroom organization with our Wall Mounted Bathroom Storage Shelves.

These shelves are designed for efficiency, featuring a bearing wall design for stability and an inverted drain to prevent water buildup.

Crafted from reliable ABS material, these shelves are not only durable but also dustproof, making them an excellent choice for humid bathroom environments.

Wall Mounted Bathroom Storage Shelves


  • Store Articles: Keep your bathroom necessities neatly organized with the ample storage space provided by these wall-mounted shelves.
  • Nail-Free Drill Installation: Enjoy hassle-free installation with the nail-free drill design, ensuring a quick and secure mounting process.
  • Inverted Drain: Prevent water accumulation with the inverted drain feature, maintaining a dry and hygienic storage space.
  • Bearing Wall Design: Experience stability and durability with the bearing wall design, providing robust support for your bathroom essentials.
  • Dustproof Design: Built from dependable ABS material, these shelves are dustproof, making them ideal for humid bathroom conditions.
  • Green Materials: Embrace eco-friendly living with shelves crafted from environmentally friendly ABS material.


  • Material: ABS
  • Size: 42x12x5.2
  • Optional Models: Choose between the version with a towel bar or without for a personalized storage solution.

Transform your bathroom into an organized and stylish space with our Wall Mounted Bathroom Storage Shelves. Upgrade your storage solutions effortlessly.

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