VORIX™ Biotin Hair Booster


VORIX™ Biotin Hair Booster

Real Customers Share Their Stunning Journeys

“Post-illness, I was losing around 200 strands of hair every day. My bathroom was a nightmare to clean, with clumps of hair on the floor, sink, and bath rug. But within two weeks of using VORIX™ Biotin Hair Booster, the shedding slowed. Now, two months later, not only is the shedding almost non-existent, but my bald spots have new growth and my hair looks fuller, thicker, and healthier than ever!” –  Barbara Schweizer, Age 40, Los Angeles, United States

“I had ruined my hair with harsh chemical treatments, leaving it brittle, damaged, and rapidly thinning. I took a leap of faith with VORIX™ Biotin Hair Booster, and it paid off tremendously. My hair not only stopped thinning but started growing faster than it had in years! The texture and luster have significantly improved, and people can’t stop commenting on it.” – John Upshaw, Age 45, Queens, New York

What Is Considered Abnormal Losing Hair?

According to the American Academy of Dermatologists. it’s abnormal to lose 100+ strands of hair per day. What causes abnormal hair loss? Abnormal or temporary hair loss can be due to many causes. including nutritional deficiencies. health conditions. medicines. reactions to hair products. stress. or pregnancy. Get Ahead of the Loss with VORIX™ Biotin Hair Booster, the scientific breakthrough formula designed not just to stem the tide but to inspire new, healthy growth.

Our Breakthrough Scalp-Penetrating Technology

Our breakthrough targeted delivery system employs advanced nano-encapsulation techniques, ensuring that active ingredients are deeply and effectively absorbed into the scalp. Upon application, these biodegradable nanospheres release their encapsulated components in a time-controlled manner, facilitating deep penetration into the hair follicles. The technology optimizes blood circulation to the follicles and enhances the natural keratin infrastructure of the hair, creating an ideal environment for accelerated hair growth and fortification.

What Does Expert Say About VORIX™

Dr. Rebecca Foster, PhD in Regenerative Medicine, Lead Scientist at the National Institute for Hair and Scalp Health, and contributing author to ‘Nature: Hair Follicle Biology’.

“I can attest that VORIX™ Biotin Hair Booster is not just another product in a crowded market. Its efficacy lies in its innovative targeted delivery system, a game-changer that ensures optimal bioavailability of key nutrients directly to hair follicles. Most hair growth products stay on the surface, barely making any real impact. This technology goes beyond that superficial level to stimulate dormant follicles, rejuvenating them at a cellular level. It’s a revolutionary approach to treating hair loss, and I fully endorse it for anyone serious about improving their hair health.”

What Makes Your Hair Unstoppable?

Biotin: The cornerstone of hair vitality, Biotin supercharges keratin infrastructure, transforming the life cycle of your hair to stimulate new growth and fortify existing strands.

10% Minoxidil: This FDA-approved powerhouse reignites dormant follicles, stimulating enriched blood flow for faster, thicker, and more resilient hair growth.

Ginger Extract: Promotes blood circulation to the scalp, allowing essential nutrients to nourish your hair roots and follicles for strengthened hair.

Usage Directions

  1.  Spray The VORIX™Biotin Hair Booster to your scalp.
  2. Use enough to lightly cover areas of thinning like temples. crown. part. and hairline.
  3. Massage into your scalp with your fingertips. Let it absorb.

Please insist on use for 1-3 month. will have more effect. Suggest you can buy 4-10 bottles together.

Package Included
VORIX™ Biotin Hair Booster
Net Content: 20ml / 0.7FL.OZ
1. What makes VORIX™ Biotin Hair Booster different from other hair growth products?
VORIX™ utilizes advanced nano-encapsulation techniques for targeted delivery. This ensures that active ingredients are effectively absorbed into the scalp, stimulating new hair growth and fortifying existing strands.
2. Is VORIX™ Biotin Hair Booster FDA-approved?
Yes, our product contains 10% Minoxidil, an FDA-approved ingredient for treating hair loss.
3.Is this product vegan-friendly?
Absolutely, our formulation is natural and vegan-friendly, suitable for all hair types.
4. How long does it take to see results?
Most customers report seeing noticeable results within the first two to five weeks of consistent use.
5.Can it be used for all types of hair loss?
Yes, it’s designed to work for all hair types and various causes of hair thinning and loss, including chemical damage, age, and other health conditions.
6. Is this product for men and women?
Absolutely, VORIX™ Biotin Hair Booster is a unisex solution designed to benefit both men and women experiencing hair thinning and loss. Our clinical trials included a diverse group of 100 men and women, all of whom reported significant improvements in hair health.
7.How do I apply the product?
Spray VORIX™ Biotin Hair Booster onto areas of thinning on your scalp, such as temples, crown, part, and hairline. Massage into your scalp and let it absorb.
8. How often should I use VORIX™ Biotin Hair Booster?
For best results, we recommend using it twice daily. Please insist on use for 1-3 months to have more effect.
9. Are there any side effects like dryness or dandruff?
89% of our clinical trial participants reported improved scalp conditions, including less dryness and dandruff.


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