VisionShield Antispy Infraguard Detector


VisionShield Antispy Infraguard Detector

Spending the night away from home leaves us vulnerable — being in an unfamiliar place, often alone, can trigger worries for many of us (both founded and unfounded).

Your Safety Is Our TOP Concern

Protect your privacy while staying in vacation rentals, hotels, cabins, and public restrooms. Authorities are getting more reports of tiny cameras and other devices in these places.

VisionShield understands the significance of privacy and has been developed with this priority in mind. This device detects potential hidden cameras in your surroundings, safeguarding both your own privacy and that of those around you. It ensures the protection of your personal spaces that hold utmost importance to you.

Save your privacy at anywhere and anytime

VisionShield stands out from the rest with its impressive ability to detect any covert camera. This feature gives you peace of mind that you are safe and secure from any unwanted surveillance. This advanced technology, which fuses Ultrasonic Technology and Red Light Scanning Technology, allows you to rapidly locate any suspect devices, allowing you to safeguard your privacy with confidence.

Ultrasonic Technology : Wide Coverage Area  

Upon connection to any device, the UltraVision Antispy Infraguard Detector begins a comprehensive scan range of up to 1000 sq.ft making sure no unauthorized device goes undetected. Using the advanced Ultrasonic Technology, it ensures that sensitive information and data remain secure by alerting you when any suspicious devices are detected.

What makes the VisionShield Antispy Infraguard Detector be your top choice?

✔️Wide Range Detection up to 1000 sq.ft 

✔️Red Scanning Spotting

✔️Immediate Alerts

✔️All-in-One Detection

✔️Portable and Easy to Use

✔️User-Friendly Design


Interface: Type-C, Lightning

Size Details: L: 4.5cm/1.77″, W: 5.8cm/2.28″, H: 1cm/0.39″(Approx.)

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