The latest 2023 Kawai delayed spray


The latest 2023 Kawai delayed spray

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After 20 years of continuous updates and iterations, Kawai’s latest enhanced delay spray is here! After extensive testing by many users, it has been found that the enhanced version has an increasingly prolonged delay effect compared to the previous product and ranks among the best in similar products.

The enhanced version of Kawai uses nourishing traditional Chinese medicine plant extracts, contains no anesthetic ingredients, has no side effects, and the test report and strong brand strength ensure the safety and reliability of the product. In addition, Kawai has won numerous awards and related qualification certificates, receiving a group standard medal for external delay agents.

  1. Spray it, and it works effectively. No need to wait, it quickly penetrates and easily responds to various “emergency combat situations.”
  2. Fight for one hour. The effect is visible and can effectively extend the duration of combat regardless of age.
  3. No side effects. All herbal extracts, natural, no additives, reject side effects.
  4. Bless your erection with valuable Chinese herbal preparations and revive the glory of men. It is valid for up to 6 hours.


With the support of well-known women, Kawaii’s current global sales volume has reached an astonishing 50 million bottles, surpassing the level of other similar products by several blocks!

The effect is so good because every drop of Kawai’s spray is full of concentrated essence. The Kawai R&D team, inspired by Chinese herbal medicine, spent a lot of time and money breaking through the technical limitations of traditional delay sprays, simplifying complexity, and applying plant botanical extracts as the main ingredients. The added nourishing Chinese herbal formula not only lasts ridiculously long in battle but also makes the penis stronger and more powerful.

This effect is mainly achieved by 4 ingredients – rhodiola rosea, tongkat ali, cabinda bark, and arginine. Those who are familiar with these medicinal substances should know that they are high-quality medicinal materials for male nourishment and are strong and valuable on their own. As we all know, herbs are green and healthy, which means safety and no side effects.

Moreover, with the latest solid-phase extraction and solid-phase microextraction technology mastered from the United States, the ingredients can be made purer and easier to absorb during the extraction process. Gently spray, quickly penetrate, wake up the deep cave cells, and stimulate blood circulation.

Originally dormant or damaged cave cells are immediately filled with vitality under the nourishment of traditional Chinese medicine ingredients, and the blocked capillaries smooth out, which is the cause of erection and hardening. And the longer the erection, the faster the blood circulation, the fully activated sponge body becomes completely tense, and the penile body becomes firmer, larger, and more comfortable than before. Many users have said that they can reach the sky in about 1 minute!

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