SUNShield™ SPF50 Moisturiser Sunscreen Stick


SUNShield™ SPF50 Moisturiser Sunscreen Stick

Hear from our customers before revealing our incredible product!

“I was skeptical about the SUNShield™ SPF50 Moisturiser Sunscreen Stick only because I have not had any luck with many stick sunscreens in the past. They always seem to miss some spots every application. But this one is great! The texture went on evenly and was lightweight. I didn’t even notice it was on once I applied it. It worked great and lasted a long time. This is perfect for work or on-the-go reapplication. The packaging is convenient, hygienic, and easy to use. This is, hands down, the best sunscreen stick I’ve tried!”

–  Tegan Ward, Portland, Oregon

“The SUNShield™ SPF50 Moisturizer Sunscreen Stick is a nice, easy-to-apply, smooth-feeling sunscreen stick. I don’t like a sticky texture, so I love that it is light and glides on seamlessly without leaving a white cast.

The sunscreen goes a long way and should last the whole season. I apply it every day and can see a big difference in my skin after wearing it. The formula doesn’t feel heavy on my face and blends in easily. There’s no noticeable odor in this stick, and it does not run even if I sweat. It’s THE perfect sunscreen stick, in my opinion.”

–  Kate Poole, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

Use the SUNShield™ SPF50 Moisturiser Sunscreen Stick and don’t let the sun damage your skin and spoil your fun! This easy-to-use sunscreen stick offers a portable and effortless protection against the harsh UV rays with just a few swipes!

The Importance of Sun Protection

Protecting your skin from the sun’s harmful rays is a must for maintaining healthy, youthful-looking skin. And using sunscreen is the most effective way to shield your skin from the sun’s ultraviolet (UV) radiation, which can cause long-term skin damage and increase your risk of skin cancer.

UV rays produce free radicals in the skin, which then inhibits collagen production, leading to premature aging, brown spots, sagging, and fine lines and wrinkles over time. To prevent premature skin aging, sunburns, and the development of skin cancer, make SPF (Sun Protection Factor) sunscreen a part of your everyday routine.

Choosing a sunscreen product with the right texture, feel, and finish can be overwhelming with all of the different options available. But one of the most important things to look out for when choosing a sunscreen is to use a product with SPF of at least 30 for maximum protection.

Product Features:

  • UV stick with Broad-Spectrum SPF 50+

The SUNShield™ SPF50 Moisturiser Sunscreen Stick offers complete sun protection with SPF 50+ formula and no white cast! This broad-spectrum sunscreen stick shields your complexion against UVA that can lead to premature skin aging and UVB that can cause sunburns, delivering complete sun protection with every swipe.

  • Perfect for at-home or on-the-go reapplication after makeup

This sunscreen’s convenient, portable stick format provides reliable protection anywhere you go. You can use it as the last step of your morning skincare routine or reapply in the middle of the day without worrying about messing up your makeup. This SPF stick glides onto the skin effortlessly and leaves a transparent layer of protection for all skin tones, all while keeping your makeup in place.

  • Easy, mess-free application

The SUNShield™ SPF50 Moisturiser Sunscreen Stick comes in a light emulsion texture that absorbs into the skin quickly and blends easily. No need to worry about staining your clothes or getting your hands streaky.

  • Waterproof & ocean-friendly formula

This waterproof sunscreen provides effective sun protection that can withstand the heat and water. The water-resistant layer of sun protection stays put even on sweaty days. Plus, the formula contains no reef-damaging ingredients, making it ideal to use for days spent on the beach or anywhere outdoors.

  • Long-lasting moisture under the sun

The SUNShield™ SPF50 Moisturiser Sunscreen Stick is a multi-tasker as it doubles as a moisturizer and sunscreen. Infused with a blend of nourishing and hydrating plant extracts, the formula locks moisture in and keeps skin supple and smooth while providing ample sun protection.

How to use:

  • Open the transparent cover of the SUNShield™ SPF50 Moisturiser Sunscreen Stick and gently rotate the bottom shaft to roll out the stick.
  • Apply lightly and evenly on the surface of the skin.

Package includes:

  • 1 x SUNShield™ SPF50 Moisturiser Sunscreen Stick

Product ingredients:

  • Active Ingredients: Titanium Dioxide 6% (Sunscreen), Zinc Oxide 4.7% (Sunscreen), Aluminum Hydroxide, Beeswax, BHT, Butyloctyl Salicylate, C12-15 Alkyl Benzoate, Cetyl Alcohol, Dimethicone, Euphorbia Cerifera (Candelilla) Wax, Isostearic Acid, Tocopheryl Acetate (Vitamin E), Triethoxycaprylylsilane
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