Smart Fingerprint Padlock


Smart Fingerprint Padlock

The Unlocking
Faster Than Your Can Imagine

Premium Padlock with Fingerprint
Smart padlocks have lower power consumption and longer standby time. The USB rechargeable support up to 1-YEAR of standby time or 2-month (2500 times of unlock) in one charge. When out of battery. the smart lock will remain locked. simply connect to a USB power supply and recover.

USB Charging
300 mAh lithium polymer battery and USB interface. You can charge your lock anytime. anywhere. Low power consumption. it can be unlocked in an emergency. and the fingerprint is directly unlocked when loading.

High Agility
Using semiconductor fingerprint sensing technology. the 0.5S is quickly unlocked. Better recognition and higher false positives. Effectively avoid fingerprint copying. Keep your safety safe.

Waterproof Design
Waterproof collar is designed on the lock of the fingerprint lock to increase its waterproof. dustproof and durable. and the material is IP66 waterproof. You can use it safely.
(1)Material: Zinc alloy
(2)Size: 53 x 24 x 86 mm
(3)Weight: 210g
(4)Battery Capacity: 300mAh
(5)Working Voltage: 3.7V
(6)Standby Time: 3 months
(7)Waterproof: IP66
📦Package Include:
Smart Fingerprint Padlock * 1 PCS

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