Shower Cleaning Brush with Long Handle, 3 in 1 Tub and Tile Scrubber


Shower Cleaning Brush with Long Handle, 3 in 1 Tub and Tile Scrubber

Before going into product details, let’s see what our customers say about it ‼️


“ The scouring pad cleaned off all the dirt, grime, soap scum, and old hair dye within seconds. It could not have been easier.

I am impressed. It took an odious chore and made it simple. I used the original formula blue Dawn and the scouring pad. This is a great cleaning tool! If you want to simplify your cleaning tasks, buy it.” 

    Aliyah., 32, Boston

“ This utensil is very useful for washing the shower because it allows you to perfectly carve the corners, walls, floor because the sponge has rotation. I loved it”

Anna Hong., 35, California

What is special about our products?

  • 【46’’ ADJUSTMENT LENGTH】 Long handled scrub brush extends from 31.5’’ to 46’’ without having to bend your back or kneel on the floor. Adjustable length for tall walls or small spaces. NOTICE: THIS PACKAGE ONLY CONTAINS 2 SCOURING PADS, 1 MICROFIBER CLOTH AND 3 IRON POLES.
  • 【TRIANGULAR SCRUBBER PAD HEAD PIVOTS】As the V-pointed scouring pad head is much more suited to clean windows, shower doors and other smooth surfaces and getting rid of the soap, limescale and watermarks!
  • 【180° SWIVEL HEAD】The 180° swivel works perfectly in that it allows the head to maintain full contact with the surface during scrubbing.

Product Details

Handle Material: Iron
Product Dimensions: 6.1″L x 4.7″W x 50.4″H
Material: Plastic

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