Rose Kiss🎁gentle but stimulating


Rose Kiss🎁gentle but stimulating

*Under the age of 18 is prohibited from purchasing and using

【 Tongue Licking Suction Vibrator】

Have you ever felt the sensation of being licked? Do you want to be licked by a soft and flexible tongue? This tongue-licking suction vibrator can satisfy your desire for a tidal wave. The designer has fused the tongue-licking vibrator and suction pump together into a new tongue-licking vibrating suction toy, which is a good solution to the singularity of the product and allows you to feel the pleasure of tongue-licking and sucking

【3 Powerful Suction Modes & 5 Licking Modes Vibrator】

The adult tongue sex toy vibrator is designed so that all its power is focused on stimulating the tongue.The biggest feature of this tongue licking vibrator is its sucking mode,we set three intensity and rhythm of the sucking mode,and the vibrator has 5 different modes of tongue licking. Whilst its robust tongue stroke at your honey spot with pinpoint accuracy. can let you feel the pleasure of gentle sucking, can also feel the rhythmic stimulation, as well as can experience the wild stimulation of tightly sucking your meat, I believe this is a sex toy you deserve to have.

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