Ricpind Elastic HipsEnhance Sculpt Wear


Ricpind Elastic HipsEnhance Sculpt Wear

Spandex padding lifts your buttocks, giving you a curvier, sexier silhouette instantly.

It’s no secret that most women want fuller hips, and often this can be harder for some than for others. This Ricpind Elastic HipsEnhance Sculpt Wear was designed with these women in mind! If you’ve always wanted more shape in your body, especially in your hips, then our newest product is the perfect solution for you! Our product has sponge padding inserts where it matters the most to give your hips a fuller and more shaped look instantly!

Double-layer padding gives your hips a natural-looking lift on both sides! Our Ricpind Elastic HipsEnhance Sculpt Wear control panties with 4 removable hip pads are made of top-quality material and will keep you looking and feeling beautiful all throughout the day. Our strategically placed spandex padding insert on both sides of your hips and on each side of your buttocks gives you a fuller shape while actively slimming your body too! We’ve worked hard to give women everywhere a better, more natural way to feel sexy. This product reduces stress on the hip flexors while also increasing blood flow to these areas. 

Slim down your stomach and help accentuate your curves for a sexy shape. Ricpind Elastic HipsEnhance Sculpt Wear is your answer to a tight but comfortable fit. With firm compression fit characteristics, our product helps push your stomach into a more appealing shape. The result? You’ll see an instant slimming down of your tummy, without much effort at all! Our product is equipped with non-slip lace, so you can be sure the padding won’t rise or fall unnecessarily. This helps keep your body looking soft and curvy where it should be, and prevents it from giving you an exaggerated appearance. Our product stays in place, giving you the lift and volume that looks natural.

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