PuffFuller Real Hair Fiber Powder


PuffFuller Real Hair Fiber Powder

Here’s how the PuffFuller Real Hair Fiber Powder changes our customers life:

“The best hair product that I found.. This is my number one hair solution!”

“Due to a genetic trait that comes from my parents my hair was thinning and bald spots are everywhere. I had a hairstyle that required extensions and my thinning hair exposed the tracks, but after sprinkling this Real Hair Fiber Powder all thinning was covered! These restores my confidence at all, the product is very easy to use and provided the thickness I was looking for. It also helped it regrow some hair which is a big plus!” – Romeo Rivera, 45, Arlington, Texas

“Things changed when I discovered this hair fibers that totally transformed my long time problem!!”

“I’m suffering from hair loss because of my thyroid. My hair is thinning in top and I have a bald spot forming. These Real Hair Fiber Powder work great – I apply some on the thinning areas and with the right part my thinning hairs/bald spot are no longer visible! I use to be so self-conscious but with the hair fibers in I feel confident again! I haven’t had any problems with the fibers coming off and they shampoo out easily. I definitely recommend this to anyone with thinning hair – it is an instant solution!” – Martin Carter, 49, Raleigh, North Carolina

Instant Thicker Fuller Looking Hair

If you want to cover thinning, balding, patchy spots across your temples, part, crown and sides, these are the hair fibers with you. The PuffFuller Real Hair Fiber Powder also protect your hair follicles and reduce scalp sweating. With a natural “real hair” finish, and the perfect level of shine, these hair fibers transform thinning hair into luscious, undetectable, confidence-boosting locks…

PuffFuller Real Hair Fiber Powder help cover up thinning hair or cover bald spots for both women and men. Hair thickening fibers instantly covers bald spots, thinning, and patchiness across your entire hair.

What Are Keratin Fibers?

The hair fibers are tiny keratin fibers which, once distributed on the scalp, bind electrostatically to the hair, filling the thinning areas and thus hiding baldness completely and effectively.

Our fibers are natural and come from the plant of cotton Gossypium Herbaceum which closely resembles human hair, making it virtually impossible to detect once applied. It has a breathable structure, so it is comfortable and safe for the hair and scalp. Cotton breathes making it comfortable and durable: it is the perfect material. We offer several specially blended colors so you get a perfect, undetectable, natural looking match to your hair color.


Net Weight: 28g

Shelf Life: 3 Years


PuffFuller Real Hair Fiber Powder (28g)

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