Oveallgo™ Stick-On Professional Leather Repairing Patch


Oveallgo™ Stick-On Professional Leather Repairing Patch

Instantly Restore Your Beloved Leathers with our Oveallgo™ Stick-On Leather Repairing Patch

Leather items are known for their durability and longevity. However, when inevitable rips, scratches, stains, or holes occur, there’s no need to worry. Introducing our Oveallgo™ Stick-On Leather Repairing Patch, the ultimate and easy solution for effortless repairs. 

Peel & Stick On!

No more costly repairs or the need to discard your cherished leather items when you have the Oveallgo™ Stick-On Leather Repairing Patch at your disposal. This DIY adhesive leather patch provides a simple and quick solution for repairing scratches, cracks, and tears on all types of leather items, without the need for specialized tools.

Free to cut the patch into any desired shape, allowing you to effortlessly cover unsightly scratches and gouges, seamlessly restoring the appearance of your furniture. With its user-friendly design and exceptional adhesive strength, this patch ensures long-lasting results, extending the lifespan of your beloved leather items.


  • Quick and Convenient Fix:
    Effortlessly conceal unsightly scratches, tears, and gouges on leather items like couches or car seats in an instant.

  • Seamless repair:
    Achieve a flawless repair without the need for sewing or seams, even on uneven surfaces.

  • Adjustable size:
    Easily cut it into any shape you want depending on the affected area. Ensures enough space to not leave obvious patch marks. 


  • Material: PU Self-adhesive Leather
  • Size: 11 x 22 cm
  • Colors:

    Black, Dark Blue, Pink, Apple Green, Pastel Purple, Nude Pink, Blue, White, Beige, Yellow, Grey, Silver, Dark Brown, Khaki, Orange, Red

Package Includes:

  • 2 x Self-Adhesive Leather Repairing Patch
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