Oveallgo™ 130dB Loud Self Defence Alarm Keychain with LED Strobe Light


Oveallgo™ 130dB Loud Self Defence Alarm Keychain with LED Strobe Light

Protect What Matters Most, Keep You and Your Family Safe and Secure.

There are many self-defense alarms available in the market that can be used by women to protect themselves. The Oveallgo™ 130dB Loud Self Defence Alarm Keychain with LED Strobe Light. It has a 130 dB loud emergency personal siren ring and an LED light. The device is portable and can be used by women, kids, elderly, and joggers. It comes with a USB charger cable and can be fully charged in 1 hour. The device can provide up to 90 minutes of continuous alarm with a flashlight, and about 1 year in standby mode. It is also equipped with an SOS safety alert device key chain that can draw attention in case you need medical attention or help.

Oveallgo™ 130dB Loud Self Defence Alarm Keychain is an absolute must-have for women, teens, the elderly, and more.

Self-defense alarms are compact and portable devices that emit a loud and attention-grabbing sound when activated.

They are designed to startle and deter potential attackers, drawing attention to the situation and potentially dissuading them from further harm 

These alarms are particularly beneficial for women due to the unfortunately higher risk of being targeted for harassment, assault, or robbery. With a self-defense alarm, women have an added layer of protection that can help them feel safer and more confident when navigating through potentially risky environments. By carrying a self-defense alarm, women can increase their ability to react quickly in threatening situations. The loud sound emitted by these alarms can startle the attacker and potentially attract the attention of passersby, increasing the chances of intervention

Similarly, elderly people can also benefit from personal alarms as they may become less steady on their feet and forgetful as they age, which can increase the potential for accidents 2. Personal alarms can give them an extra layer of safety in warding off attackers and summoning help when they need it.

It’s important to note that self-defense alarms are just one aspect of personal safety, and it’s important to stay vigilant, aware of one’s surroundings too.


  • Size: 100*30*15mm
  • Colors: Black, White, Sky Blue, Tiffany Blue, Purple, Red

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