Oval Tart Ring Mold Set

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Oval Tart Ring Mold Set

Create perfectly done oval tarts like a pro with this Oval Tart Ring Mold Set!

This mold set is a high-quality stainless steel baking ring that makes perfect oval tart every time! No need for greasing or oil spraying as it shapes and releases the desserts easily. The rings are dotted with holes to evenly cook the tart edges.

With enough flexibility for an easy release, making it perfect for tarts, shortbreads, mousse, puffs, cakes and short crust pastries and more!

You can pop these rings in the freeze, blast chiller and oven!


  • Easy Tart Making: Easily make yummy pastries in perfect oval form at home! Perfect for beginners, it helps to shape dough and fillings with no hassle.

Customize Your Fillings: Fill custard cream, chocolate mousse, fruits, ice cream, delicious pizza toppings or anything you like quick and easy!

Easy to Use: Super easy to demold! No need for greasing, oil spraying, or waiting just to release the tart! Perfect for beginner bakers or pro pastry enthusiasts.

  • Perforated Design for Even Baking: The perforated finish makes your pastry adhere to the ring it also keeps the pastry cooked evenly throughout.
  • Versatile Pastry Tool: Can also be used to design your tart, cakes, mousse, chocolates, truffles and you can make other oval-shaped desserts!
  • Food Safe Stainless Steel: Made with a high-temperature resistant, BPA-free, non-toxic and high-quality plastic. Totally safe for the oven, microwave, and dishwasher!


  • Materials: Stainless Steel


  • 3 pcs. Oval Tart Ring Mold Set

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