Negative Ion Hair Straightening Comb Styling Comb


Negative Ion Hair Straightening Comb Styling Comb

Negative Ion Hair Straightener Styling Comb – New Technology

  • No Salon!
  • No Chemicals!
  • No Products!
  • Only our Hair Straightening Comb!


The revolutionary hair Straightening Comb design works by drastically reducing static to provide instant straight salon-like quality straight hairs in just seconds. It combs, straightens, and strengthens your hairUse it on even the curliest, thickest hair and get instant results that will save you tons of time and stress during your daily routine.
Along with curling the ends, if you desire that style.
  • Make Any Type Of Hair Silky And Straight Effortlessly
  • Reduce Frizz & Static Throughout The Day
  • Save Time & Stress Getting Ready
  • Professional Salon Model Straightener
  • Combs, Straightens and strengthens your Hair. 
  • Flash Quick Heating System – 30 Seconds
  • High-Quality Smooth Glide Tourmaline Ceramic Bars
  • Constant Temperature Heating Reduces Thermal Damage To Hair
  • Anti-Scald Comb Design Protects Hair From Heat
  • 360° Rotatable Cord To Prevent The Cord From Tangling

GreatZest Hair Straightening Comb

A high-quality salon-like feel from the comfort of your home, not only are the results incredible, the design was made for confidence and comfort. Including The Anti-Scald Comb Design which allows you to enjoy straightening without worries of burning & shocking. The  V-shape flame-retardant plastic frame will protect you from every angle. You can put our Comb on your scalp and feel nothing.


  • Product Type:- Hair Curling and straightening
  • Applicable Hair:- Dry or Wet
  • Name:- Hair Straightener
  • Rated Frequency:- 50 Hz
  • Rated Voltage:- 220V
  • Rated Power:- 45 W
  • Heating Mode:- PTC Heating


1 xHair Straightening Comb

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