Multi-purpose Towel-like Cleaning Gloves


Multi-purpose Towel-like Cleaning Gloves

Effortlessly wipe away the mountain of air pollutants swarming up your home using these reusable household dust cleaning gloves!

An excellent dusting tool featuring a smart rhomboid shape surface that gives off an optimum friction to automatically attract pollutants. Allowing it to easily decontaminate and eliminate all dust, dirt, fur and other impurities from every surface you tackle in just a quick swipe. These gloves are made with suitable thickness which allows it to effortlessly reach through the smallest of corners and crevices. Ideal for window gutters, blinds, tables, sofas, pillows, keyboards, fans, furniture, aircon outlets, picture frames and such. It is applicable for both wet and dry cleaning so you can also use it for removing liquid splatters or residues from your kitchenware. 

These dusting gloves are completely non-abrasive so you can deeply clean any surfaces anytime with not a single scratch left behind. Each glove is constructed with premium, non-woven fabric with a superior water absorption. You can rinse and wash it after to prevent bacterial buildups and confidently reuse it without damaging or deforming. What’s more? The cleaning gloves supply a dual-sided design that lets you wipe off grimes from both sides for maximum efficiency.  

Make dust removal a complete breeze with these reusable household cleaning gloves! 


  • Intensive Cleaning
    A 10 piece pack of amazing cleaning gloves designed with a smart rhomboid shape surface for increased friction. Providing you a combination of powerful decontamination and easily wiping off all fine accumulated dust, fur and dirt from all surfaces. It offers a flat, heavy-duty feature which allows it to reach through small corners and crevices without breaking. Suitable for both wet and dry use so you can also use it for cleaning splatter stains or residues from your kitchenware.

  • Highly Reusable
    These cleaning gloves provide an excellent water absorption so you can confidently wash it after use without deformation or damaging. Each glove can remove all collected dust and dirt in a simple rinsing. Moreover, these household cleaning gloves have a smooth surface which allows them to easily ward off bacterial breeding. Making it an outstanding deep cleaning gloves that can be used repeatedly with no problems.
    • Material: Non-woven fabric
    • 10pc x Multi-purpose Towel-like Cleaning Gloves

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