Microfiber Window Blind Cleaning Brush


Microfiber Window Blind Cleaning Brush



  • SAVE YOUR TIME: 7 slats, can clean six blinds at once. Designed according to the shape of the hand, increases the grip of the brush in the hands, easy to control the brush with the shutter blade close contact, compared to the towel, cleaning efficiency increased by 200%
  • MULTIPLE USAGE: Convenient and effective to clean most types of blinds or similar objects, such as window blinds, vertical blinds, air conditioner blinds, awnings and so on
  • HOW TO USE: Simply grasp the handle and insert mini-blind cleaner, one roller between each slat, move along the slats to attract dust and dirt
  • DETACHABLE AND WASHABLE: When the roller becomes dirty, twist the rollers to expose the new cleaning surface. When the roller becomes completely soiled, remove and wash it using mild soap and warm water. 


  • Material: ABS+polyester
  • Dimensions: 16x13cm 

Package includes

  • A Microfiber Window Blind Cleaning Brush

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