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Get ready to start sweating off pounds with our #1 Sauna T-Shirt. Made from our famous polymer performance blend, this shirt provides full coverage, including slow-to-respond areas in the abdomen, waist, shoulders and back.


  • SWEAT IT OUT: Helps increase natural sweating much more than a normal gym T-Shirt while also enhancing circulation and keeping your core temperatures high.
  • MAKE EVERY MOVE COUNT: Wear it during cardio, sports, at the gym, or running everyday errands. You’ll feel the burn and see progress from day 1.
  • PREMIUM FABRICATION & VENTILATION: This shirt was designed to be worn all day and features ventilation areas on each side along with the high-quality heat-trapping polymer.
  • ENHANCED FIT, COMFORT & DURABILITY: This T-Shirt went through extensive fitting and optimization tests so it fits tight and snug but remains anatomically correct while exercising. Your body will keep sweating inside but you’ll stay dry on the outside.
  • SPEED UP WARM-UP & RECOVERY TIMES: Enjoy faster recovery after intense workouts and get up to speed much faster thanks to increased circulation and body temperature which keeps your muscle warm and helps prevent injury.
  • FEEL THE HEAT. STAY MOTIVATED: Turn every workout into a more intense, satisfying, sweaty, and motivating next step in your health journey and produce real results faster and easier.
  • SAUNA-LIKE EXPERIENCE AT HOME: Sweating from workouts has been proven to increase calorie burning, endorphin release, aid detoxification and help boost metabolism. Many of the same benefits you get from using a hot sauna at a fraction of the cost.
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