Manual Nose Hair Trimmer

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Manual Nose Hair Trimmer

Every once in a while, individual nose hair is found to reveal the nostrils. If you see the nose hair extending below the nostrils, it is likely to be the trimming time.This is a rotary hair trimmer with a painless hair removal mechanism

Gentle: The manual nose hair trimmer can rotate 360 degrees and open 6 teeth to easily catch annoying nose hair trimmers. Not easy to pull, manual control, neater, painless trimming of nose hair.

No batteries required: The manual nose hair trimmer has built-in double spring buckles with strong grip, you can easily press your nose manually and is durable.

Solid Stainless Steel: The nose hair trimmer is made of high-quality stainless steel, which is not only wearable but also exquisite and beautiful, and always maintains its mechanical charm. And has excellent long-lasting performance.

Easy to Clean: The nose hair trimmer can be rinsed directly under running water or more thoroughly. Simply remove the small screw to remove the internal shaft cleaner. Portable box and brush.

The manual rechargable nose hair trimmer only needs for man a very little action to trim the nasty nose hair, giving you a charming light!

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