Magnetic Therapeutic Slimming Bracelet


Magnetic Therapeutic Slimming Bracelet

Do you want to lose weight instantly?Are you tired of working out and diet and still can’t see the change? Shed weight with a help of a powerful stone! Introducing the Magnetic Therapeutic Slimming Bracelet

          The Magnetic Therapeutic Slimming Bracelet EFFECTIVELY BREAKDOWN FATS and REDUCES ADIPOSE TISSUES and FAT CELLS in the BODY for an INSTANT HOUR GLASS FIGURE  by triggering magnetic waves. It STIMULATES EXPULSION of WASTE and TOXINS of the body for a HEALTHIER SLIMMING JOURNEY.

Now you can enjoy eating your favorite meals, without having to worry about gaining weight! This signals the body for efficient breakdown of fat cells to help you lose that flabby fat faster!


Promotes Fat Breakdown
Signals the body for efficient breakdown of fat cells to help you lose that flabby fat faster than ever!
Acupressure Magnetic Waves
Utilizes magnetic therapy & uses non-invasive acupressure to trigger pressure points.
Boost Blood Circulation
Promotes healthier blood circulation which results in a faster and efficient metabolism!
Easily Lose Weight
Even with no sports and activities you can still lose weight and have fun eating your favorite meals!
Triple Powerful Stones
This combines Tiger’s Eye, Black Obsidian, and Hematite together to produce positive benefits for the body! HEMATITE STONE has the SPECIAL POWER to HELP ENHANCE the WILLPOWER to OVEREATING and OVERINDULGENCE. It can PROMOTE QUICK and HEALTHY WEIGHT LOSS just by simply WEARING it AROUND your ANKLE as it POWERFULLY SIGNALS the BODY for EFFICIENT BREAKDOWN of FAT CELLS that will HELP you LOSE that BABYFLABS FASTER and EASIER. It BOOSTS FASTER METABOLISM and DIGESTION that can HELP you achieve SLIMMER BODY without too much effort.


Bead Size: 8 mm
Length: 19 cm – 20 cm(The size can be adjusted to fit all wrist sizes)


  • Magnetic Therapeutic Slimming Bracelet
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