Liftify™ Electric Magnetic Massage Breast-Enhancing Bra


Liftify™ Electric Magnetic Massage Breast-Enhancing Bra

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“I’ve always had issues with my bust size, especially during menstrual cycles. But with Liftify™, the TOMARIN magnetic assistance and its hundreds of magnetic dots made a noticeable difference. My sister even asked me if I’d gone under the knife! She was so impressed, she’s ordering one for herself.” – Jeanne Gresham, 45


“After just 30 days of wearing the Liftify™ Electric Magnetic Massage Breast-Enhancing Bra, I felt a tangible improvement. The cyclic massage paired with the constant temperature setting really changed the game for me. Now, I can wear fitted tops and dresses with the confidence I never had. Even my husband commented on how much fuller and more radiant I look.” – Sandra Ross, 32

Does This Resonate With You?

Ever avoided wearing certain outfits because they didn’t compliment your bust? Do you wish for a more even and fuller appearance? Liftify™ Electric Magnetic Massage Breast-Enhancing Bra has revolutionized the way women feel about their bust, tackling issues at their core with the help of TOMARIN magnetic assistance and comfortable, protrusion-assisted massage.

How Does Liftify™ Bra Transform You?

The TOMARIN magnetic assistance in the Liftify™ Electric Magnetic Massage Breast-Enhancing Bra incorporates hundreds of small magnetic dots evenly distributed across the inner lining of the bra. These magnetic dots generate a focused magnetic field that penetrates deep into the breast tissue. The magnetic field interacts with the natural iron content in the blood, stimulating the blood vessels and promoting better blood circulation within the breast area.

This enhanced circulation helps in the efficient distribution of essential nutrients and hormones directly to the breast tissue, which can contribute to a fuller, more even bust and improved overall breast health.


Rated voltage: 5V

Battery capacity: 1000mAh

Rated power: 4W

Default time: 15 minutes

Color Choices: Pink/Red/Silver Grey/Purple

Product dimensions: 1050 * 170 * 30mm

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Liftify™ Electric Magnetic Massage Breast-Enhancing Bra

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