Kaitel™ Lip Color Changing Oil


Kaitel™ Lip Color Changing Oil

 Do you struggle to find the perfect lip color that complements your skin tone?

With the Kaitel™ Lip Color Changing Oil, you no longer have to worry about finding the perfect shade of pink that suits your skin tone. This amazing lip oil starts off as a clear, hydrating formula that nourishes and moisturizes your lips while reacting with your natural body chemistry and transforms into a beautiful, natural-looking shade of pink. Plus, the hydrating formula also works as a lip stain that will keep your lips feeling softsmooth, and kissable all day long.

So why settle for a boring, one-dimensional lip balm when you can have a color-changing lip oil that’s both beautiful and nourishing? Order your color changing lip oil today and experience the magic for yourself!

This color changing lip oil is a MUST have! Made with all natural vegan and cruelty free ingredients, this will have your lips glossy and pink!

Simply apply the lip oil onto lips and see how they begin to change color almost IMMEDIATELY!

What’s Included

1 x Kaitel™ Lip Color Changing Oil

Flavor and Scent: Cotton Candy
Color: Clear light shimmer to a hot pink tint.

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