HairCare Eyebrow Essence


HairCare Eyebrow Essence

Fill those empty brows with stunning natural brow hair that can surely bring out the beauty in you with this HairCare Eyebrow Essence!


Stimulates Hair Growth
Provides the nutrients needed for hair growth, & improves the growth rate, and stimulates the hair to grow thick and strong.Deeply Penetrates to Hair Roots
This deeply penetrates the hair roots, which provides adequate nutrients to hair follicles for healthy and smooth hair.

Lively Hair Growth
This makes the eyebrow grows thick and distributes equal nutrients to the hair root for equal hair growth!

Natural & Safe
Formulated with safe herbal extracts that can effectively produce strong hair while preventing hair loss.


  • Ingredients: Ginger, Ginseng, Polygonum, Cacumen biota extracts
  • Net Volume: 20 ml


  • Hair Care Growth Essence
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